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baking :)

I’m on a baking kick this weekend.

A few months ago I got myself a copy of the “Bread Baker’s Apprentice” by Reinhart. I’ve been mulling through it since then. Last week I started to really read a slew of recipes and got the bug.

I’ve planned and created various pre-ferments for this weekend. On the menu is whole wheat sandwich loaf, bagels, and french bread.

I made the whole wheat loaf yesterday. The recipe says that it is for 2 1lb. loafs. I’ve had several recipes in the past that were like this, but I always end up with 2 little bricks. They just don’t rise very well for me 🙁 So anyway, this time I decided to do just one loaf. It’s nice and BIG 🙂 Perfect for sandwich size slices. Yaay! I topped this one with oats and sesame.

Today I made myself the happiest east coast jew (extremely secular non-practicing 😉 ) in the world. I made the quintessential NY bagel. “Oh man”. “Jeezus”. “Holy shit”. These are just a few of the less colorful quotes that came out of my mouth around a mouthful of hot bagel and cream cheese. I usually don’t impress myself, but MAN! This time I out did myself. Uh, they were really good. I have not had a bagel like that in MANY years. *sigh*. That is a sigh of contentment, of fulfillment. My life is now complete. I have the key to the perfect soul food. No matter where I am…I can go back in time…I can completely let go and relax…I can eat a real bagel. *SIGH*

Tomorrow, french bread. I don’t have any standards to hold that up to, so I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever I come up with.

Earlier this summer, I tried to get a sourdough starter going. I tried several times only to have it completely fail. I think the climate in Arizona in the summer is just not compatible with that kind of baking. I reeeaaaaalllly want to make a sourdough starter so that I can make sourdough bread. I’ll try again this fall when the outside temperature is more temperate and the internal environmental controls (AC/Heat) are not so prevalent. I do have very high standards when it comes to sourdough. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years. This is a mecca for sourdough. Simply think Acme Bread Company. That is my standard. If I can meet them half way, I’d be more than happy.

Ahh, bread. Baking is a wonderful hobby. Makes you and everyone happy. Can’t beat that.

I have Kevin Dorne to thank for turning me on to baking. Thanks Kevin 🙂


I have discovered bread making.  *whee*

I’ve made french bread, rustic boule (in loaf form), and hallah all this week.  I’m hooked.  Hell, why pay for it, when you can make for a few cents.  Damn, its just flour and water, plus a few other things.

Tonight I made my second hallah.  I kneaded it just right, and let rise just enough.  Ohhhhh, it is goodness.  Airy, sweet.  ahhhhhh.

I like this bread making thing.

I think, when I move to Austin…eventually…I will have a party.  I will invite my friends from across the country…one or two may show up if I invite enough…my family, and the neighbors.  I will brew a few cases of very tastey beer, bake some very tastey bread, and maybe cook  some indian food (we shall see what my fancy is at that point).

It will be a heady party, a yeasty one, but it will be in my “own” home, not a rental, and I will be surrounded by friends and family.  The richest one could be.