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Just got back from a week in Texas.  It was lovely.

There is tons of forest, and rolling hills, and clean air.  We were in College Station for the first half of the week with Kim’s family, then in Austin for the second half of the week.

Kim’s family is fun to hang with.  They are relaxed and easygoing.

Austin is just fucking cool.  I can’t wait to move there.  *sigh*


I have discovered bread making.  *whee*

I’ve made french bread, rustic boule (in loaf form), and hallah all this week.  I’m hooked.  Hell, why pay for it, when you can make for a few cents.  Damn, its just flour and water, plus a few other things.

Tonight I made my second hallah.  I kneaded it just right, and let rise just enough.  Ohhhhh, it is goodness.  Airy, sweet.  ahhhhhh.

I like this bread making thing.

I think, when I move to Austin…eventually…I will have a party.  I will invite my friends from across the country…one or two may show up if I invite enough…my family, and the neighbors.  I will brew a few cases of very tastey beer, bake some very tastey bread, and maybe cook  some indian food (we shall see what my fancy is at that point).

It will be a heady party, a yeasty one, but it will be in my “own” home, not a rental, and I will be surrounded by friends and family.  The richest one could be.