Monthly Archives: December 2007


From the Unique Lemming

Well, godamnit. Redhat approached the software architect that works for me about a position as the JBoss jdbc architect or some such. How the hell can my little hack it shop compete with international fame and enterprise application level history? Feh.  He is just being asked to apply so he may not get the job. I don’t think I could pay him enough not to go to his dream job. Ah well.


From the Unique Lemming

A friend of mine recently took a position at Facebook as their Tech Writer. He invited me to ‘join’, so I did. Ok, so folks I know are there…I invited others to become my friends…uh…now what? I can’t post there.  all I can really do is put up pictures and email folks.  I guess it would be kinda useful if there were a bunch of folks that I know near by and we used it as an actual social networking tool, rather than just another way to stay in touch with friends that are flung far and wide. Hmmmm…..


From the Unique Lemming

Today we are celebrating hannuka.  We’ve been lighting candles and all since Tuesday, but tonight we are having dinner and stuff.
First we’ll do candles and prayers.
Then dinner will be latkes, roasted chicken, challah, and some sort of vegetable.  We’ll wash it down with some Spaten and possibly some wine afterward.
Then we can play with the dreidels I got for the kids.  We really don’t do the gift thing since we celebrate christmas and all.
Not much to report beyond that…well…I’m going to Seattle for work in a week or so.  Just an overnighter. mom is coming down in a week and a half for Christmas.  That’ll be nice 🙂