Monthly Archives: September 2004

Killer marinade

So this is how a friend told me to do it…

marinade some meat in soy and picapeppa sauce for a few days.

Then create a glaze/marinade out of the following:

ketchup or tomatoe paste and vinegar
honey dijon mustard
sliced up onion and garlic
lots of crushed pepper and some salt
and whatever spices suite your fancy

The base is wine/ketchup/molassis. You can do 1/3 each if you like it sweet. Less molassis if you want to make it less sweet. I am trying tomatoe paste and vinegar and less molassis today to see what that does.

Let the meat marinade in the glaze/marinade for a few more days

Grill till rare and chow down.

sicker than hell

I spent the last 4 days being sicker than a dog.

This all started on Wednesday with a swollen and sore elbow. This ballooned up to the size of a tennis ball and the intensly dizzy head thing started and lasted for two days. After that came the head cold which converted into a chest cold.

And now I’m dizzy again.

It is very hard to think.

Plus, my whole family has been sick too. This has been a very hard week 🙁