Monthly Archives: April 2005

Well, the move is done

So the movers showed up on Wed, March 30 to pick it all up. The movers were very nice, but the foreman running the job was a sheister…or at least had aspirations to being a good one.

They get my stuff more than half way loaded and have me start signing paperwork. They won’t cover any damages beyond $.60 per pound per item. So if they break my 20 pound table, they will give me $12. Feh, I said to them and asked about insurance. They don’t offer it. This was making me grumpy.

The paying arrangement was 10% down for booking the job, 40% on loading, and 50% on delivery. They wouldn’t do a credit card on delivery, only on pickup. I thought, that is wierd. But when they informed me that they won’t cover damages, and wanted all the money up front, I said no and got into this big thing with the owner of the company. They finally let me do the credit card on delivery as well.

When the movers were all done, I asked the foreman how the tipping process went…do I give it all then or half then and second half on delivery? He said that I could give it all to him then. When the movers finished unloading at the delivery location, the subject of the tip came up. I told them that the foreman has it all and how much I gave him. They were incredibly pissed. The foreman ripped them off. They even had me write and sign an note saying how much I gave for a tip and who I gave it to.

I gave them $40 to go buy lunch and said I was sorry. They were a day late anyway. They were supposed to deliver on Saturday, but didn’t call and let me know they had made it to Phoenix until Saturday night at 9:30pm. I told them to go get a hotel and come in the morning. Feh.

Anyway, they got all the stuff in the house. We’ve got about half of it unpacked at the moment and are making good progress each day.