Monthly Archives: October 2007


From the Unique Lemming…

For halloween this year I went as an arthritic old man.
I have this crazy virus that has all my joints in both arms aching like a s.o.b.
I truly have a glimpse at my future with arthritis. ugh.
Now…the kids did have fun tontight.  Julian came back from trick-or-treating covered in chocolate.  All over his hands and his face.  Too cute.


A post from the Unique Lemming

I got Ubuntu’s Gutsy release installed.  Nice.  I finally get compiz-fusion.  And most of it works!
I like the new minimize effect where the window folds up like a paper plane and flys off 🙂
Also got Avant Window Manager installed.  Nice little Mac OS X bottom app display thingy 🙂
Oh, and the cube.  I’ve made the cude transparents so that I can view a background image.  But the sides and the back of the cube are showing the back of the windows that I have up…so the words are backwards.  Pretty nifty stuff.
And I think I’m liking this drupal thing.  I’ve chosen the Zen-fixed theme.  Copied and renamed it to benzot-fixed.  Now I have complete css control over the site and don’t have to mess with PHP and templates, etc…
Also, I’m testing the cross post functionality again.

The garden

Today we planted a garden.

We had three rail road ties out front that were penning in an African Sumac tree.  I pulled them round side of the house and created a 13′ by 3′ area.  Tilled the soil, added about 4″ of compost and garden soil, and wala…instant garden.
We planted chives, beets, onions, cabbage, lettuce, peppers, broccoli, and brussell sprouts.  Mmmm…..

On the subject of outdoors…

The bamboo is going gang busters!  It’ really filling in.  I’ll try to post photos somewhere…

Photos…ok…So I’ve been dicking around with Drupal lately trying to come up with a better CMS for my mom’s website.  I think I might go ahead and use it for my own.  or maybe maintain my .net site and use it for  It has a gallery2 and livejournal plugin/module thing.  I could post there my blog and my photos in one clean…cough…app.  Kevin thinks of it as a huge memory hog, but if I’m not maintain a community there and just posting myself, it’ll likely be ok.

Back to garden…the trees out back are a mess.  We had a tree surgeon come by and give us a complete evaluation.  We have to pull out 3 trees, and seriously doctor one of them.  $1,100
 total. oi.  ah well, the joys of being in debt…hehe…I mean ownership 🙂

Anyway…that’s the update for now.

google maps

Google has a new facility here in Tempe, AZ. I think there is some sort of connection with ASU or something…cause why else would the show up here, eh?

Anyway, they did the google map thing here They did about a block from my house. In fact, the rental I used to be in is on it. 1721 S Ventura Dr, Tempe

Maybe they’ll expand a bit and I can show everyone my house on google maps 🙂