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Tree trimming

Today I trimmed my 50 year old carob tree. It’s got some fungus that I can’t remember. Last year I had a tree surgeon come out and work on it. He gave me the low down and trimmed the dead parts off. After seeing what I did I realized that I could do the same thing. All he was doing was removing the dead branches at the split. Easy enough, eh? Well, it’s hard to do without a chainsaw 😉 I had to settle for a sawsall with a 6″ blade. I managed to get most of it, but one big branch. Also, I was limited to a 12″ ladder that I borrowed from a neighbor.

Also, I’ve pretty much given up on uniquelemming for now. I’ve broken the login feature some how 🙁 and can’t log in. *sigh*

I wasn’t really using it anyway. Ah well. Maybe when I have a fit of needing to get something accomplished, I’ll rebuild it…again…or wait for the next version of Drupal to come out.

The garden

Today we planted a garden.

We had three rail road ties out front that were penning in an African Sumac tree.  I pulled them round side of the house and created a 13′ by 3′ area.  Tilled the soil, added about 4″ of compost and garden soil, and wala…instant garden.
We planted chives, beets, onions, cabbage, lettuce, peppers, broccoli, and brussell sprouts.  Mmmm…..

On the subject of outdoors…

The bamboo is going gang busters!  It’ really filling in.  I’ll try to post photos somewhere…

Photos…ok…So I’ve been dicking around with Drupal lately trying to come up with a better CMS for my mom’s website.  I think I might go ahead and use it for my own.  or maybe maintain my .net site and use it for uniquelemming.com.  It has a gallery2 and livejournal plugin/module thing.  I could post there my blog and my photos in one clean…cough…app.  Kevin thinks of it as a huge memory hog, but if I’m not maintain a community there and just posting myself, it’ll likely be ok.

Back to garden…the trees out back are a mess.  We had a tree surgeon come by and give us a complete evaluation.  We have to pull out 3 trees, and seriously doctor one of them.  $1,100
 total. oi.  ah well, the joys of being in debt…hehe…I mean ownership 🙂

Anyway…that’s the update for now.


Hmmmmm……Drupal…..pretty nifty…..

I’ve tried a few of the packaged CMS that are out there. It’s been a year or two. Drupal has come a loooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg way.

I’m poking around with that package again.

Me like it so far. Quick and easy 🙂

I say this as I am fundamentally lazy when it comes to development 😉 I excel at modding what others have done. I am the master tinkerer/builder/user. Maybe I should work on cars and rebuild engines for a hobby. Nah, that’s so 1980’s…like really old man.

I have a friend who is so damn bleeding edge that he considers 2003 to be OLD school.

Course, he’s stagnated a few years and has not even touched AJAX. Gotta fix that situation.

ok…in case you’ve not noticed, I’m rambling here. Found me a nice merlot…heh…Sterling Vinyards (not reserve or otherwise…just plain old merlot).