Monthly Archives: August 2005


So, this morning…at 6…Colette wanted to watch the kids yoga tape that we have. I thought, sure, why not. I could use a good stretch. We we start watching and it’s pretty clear that I’m the only one doing the excersises. *sigh* They were a good stretch for me. Really showed me how out of shape I am. I did most of the. I passed on the ones where they picked themselves on their hands in a squating position.

Colette got bored, but it sure felt good. 🙂


Well, we finally did it. We got the second car. We made our weekly pilgramige (sp?) up to the volvo dealership in N. Scottsdale and low and behold, there was a v70 (station wagon) under 20k.

So we got a 2002, v70, white, with booster seats, third row seats, and a sun roof. Bought it. Done. No longer have to look for car. Can be a good consumer now in consumer heaven…

grateful dead

I got a taste of the Dead tonight. There was a movie about the dead from the 70’s on PBS for their pledge drive.

Anyway, upgraded winamp, installed the shn plugin so that I can download some groovy lossless files 🙂

I’ll be rockin tomorrow.

I tried getting LimeWire to work, but none of the files I picked seemed to work via the p2p method.

Oh well.

I’ll just do it the ol fashion way.

old friends

There is nothing better than a friend. Friendships make you a rich person.

An old college roommate/friend called me to touch base. He was actually the best man at my wedding. For some reason we kind of drifted apart. Long distance, new families, kids, etc…

Recently an old highschool friend of his died at 38. Heavy drug user. This prompted him to call his old friends and touch base.

Funny thing is that I’ve had two friends die on me in the last few years. Both my age…way too young to die. Both due to drugs or alcohol.

Feh. People shouldn’t die before 50…really…come on now.

It was nice to hear from Kurt. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the contact and re-establish the old dialogues.