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Well, we finally did it. We got the second car. We made our weekly pilgramige (sp?) up to the volvo dealership in N. Scottsdale and low and behold, there was a v70 (station wagon) under 20k.

So we got a 2002, v70, white, with booster seats, third row seats, and a sun roof. Bought it. Done. No longer have to look for car. Can be a good consumer now in consumer heaven…

new car


We are truly suburban now.

We moved from SF to Tempe, AZ. You have to have a car for each adult in the family…if you have kids. Fuck. That’s all I got to say about it.

So today we are going to go out and buy a car. It’s July 31 and there are incredible “deals” today if you buy a 2005 model. The dealers want them off the lot to make room for the new models.

We are buying *cough* a mini *cough* van *throw up*. I’ve never seen myself as a minivan owner. But with kids and dogs, they are truly unavoidable. ugh.


Buying a car today.