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the tablet

A few years ago, I found a co-worker hunched over a little 11 inch mini notebook.  The sight of that made me crack up, much to his displeasure.  What was making me laugh was two things: that I couldn’t understand looking at such a tiny screen, and my co-worker was over 6 feet tall.  While the visual juxtaposition was mostly amusing, it was really the screensize that was appalling to me.

At that time, I had a nice huge imac screen to look at and could have multiple windows open and all that.  Even now, I have a laptop hooked up to a 21″ monitor, so two screens.  I love my screen real estate.

However, I just got an iPad. At first I was like, waaaaa?  What the hell do I do with this?  I didn’t like the onscreen keyboard, and was not sure what I could do with the device other than use it for testing.

Well, as with all good technology, the uses start to become apparent once you make use of the device.

The first thing I did was get a bluetooth keyboard.  That has made the iPad actually useful to me 🙂  I’ve found myself reading email, and news, and even figured out I can get an SSH emulator to do a little development work.

I’m also now getting the multitask/gesture aspect of the device and having fun with it.

Yeah, yeah, y’all are like, uh…that’s so 2010.  Like where the hell have you been for the past few years (decades in the technology sector).  We’ll, I’ve been hunkered down ignoring aspects of it. I guess I should go get one of them androidy devices as well.  *sigh*