Monthly Archives: July 2005

new car


We are truly suburban now.

We moved from SF to Tempe, AZ. You have to have a car for each adult in the family…if you have kids. Fuck. That’s all I got to say about it.

So today we are going to go out and buy a car. It’s July 31 and there are incredible “deals” today if you buy a 2005 model. The dealers want them off the lot to make room for the new models.

We are buying *cough* a mini *cough* van *throw up*. I’ve never seen myself as a minivan owner. But with kids and dogs, they are truly unavoidable. ugh.


Buying a car today.

Finally a name

So we decided upon Julian Dale Porter-Kaplan.

Unfortunately, because we waited three weeks, we have to get a birth certificate the hard way, as well as SSN. The hospital won’t help us and the state is pretty hard to deal with 🙁

Ah well. I miss Kaiser. They were amazingly well managed.

oh yeah

So the two weeks leading up to the birth of my new son were just fucking hell. Way too much shit going on at work, and pending new family member.

Birth and a baby can really reset one’s priorities. I think I have my head on straight again! Work just got a lot easier and less stressful 🙂

new baby

got me a new baby. Born Tuesday, June 28 at 1:47pm 🙂


This time round the entire thing was so much easier!

I forgot how nice it is to have a baby sleeping on your chest. sigh. happiness.

Y’all gotta try this some time.