Monthly Archives: November 2012

A nasty PHP hack

So, I’ve been dealing with a client’s hacked server for a few weeks now.  I thought I’d cleaned it up a few weeks ago, but stumbled across some ‘symptoms’ of this hack.  This lead me to dig a bit deeper, and I found this AMAZING write up of this particular attack by The Domestic Enthusiast.  The article is here.

This hack will work on any PHP framework.  So, if you are running up a straight up PHP site, Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress, check it out.  It’ll save you hours cleaning up a mess.

Mac OS X commandline goodness

Today I learned two things that’ll save be gobs of typing and manual manipulations.

  1. Preferences > Keyboard > Services  then check New Terminal at Folder
  2. sips

So say you are building out a site, and you are chopping up the graphics in photoshop or Illustrator, and you’ve got a nice tidy folder to scp up to your development server.  Well, you’ve been working in a given folder via your GUI and after you’ve set point #1 above, then you simply right click on that folder in the GUI and click ‘New  Terminal at Folder’, and wala, you are on the command line in that folder.

…no more CDing around.  You are just there 🙂

Ok, now suppose that you need to make all the images 25px smaller for whatever reason.  Forget Adobe Bridge, or forget creating that macro for Photoshop…just head back to the command line.

sips -Z pixelsize *.imagefileextension

…and your files are resized.  Be careful to work with copies of the originals.  There’s no going back on the command line 🙂