Monthly Archives: September 2008

Tree trimming

Today I trimmed my 50 year old carob tree. It’s got some fungus that I can’t remember. Last year I had a tree surgeon come out and work on it. He gave me the low down and trimmed the dead parts off. After seeing what I did I realized that I could do the same thing. All he was doing was removing the dead branches at the split. Easy enough, eh? Well, it’s hard to do without a chainsaw 😉 I had to settle for a sawsall with a 6″ blade. I managed to get most of it, but one big branch. Also, I was limited to a 12″ ladder that I borrowed from a neighbor.

Also, I’ve pretty much given up on uniquelemming for now. I’ve broken the login feature some how 🙁 and can’t log in. *sigh*

I wasn’t really using it anyway. Ah well. Maybe when I have a fit of needing to get something accomplished, I’ll rebuild it…again…or wait for the next version of Drupal to come out.