old friends

There is nothing better than a friend. Friendships make you a rich person.

An old college roommate/friend called me to touch base. He was actually the best man at my wedding. For some reason we kind of drifted apart. Long distance, new families, kids, etc…

Recently an old highschool friend of his died at 38. Heavy drug user. This prompted him to call his old friends and touch base.

Funny thing is that I’ve had two friends die on me in the last few years. Both my age…way too young to die. Both due to drugs or alcohol.

Feh. People shouldn’t die before 50…really…come on now.

It was nice to hear from Kurt. Hopefully we’ll be able to keep up the contact and re-establish the old dialogues.


4 thoughts on “old friends

  1. :hug:


    Give it twenty years; people shouldn’t die before 70. 😉

    Think back twenty years. Hmm. Ten years. 😉 People shouldn’t live past 20!

    Friends shouldn’t die.

    Everyone else… 😉

    Man, I need sleep.

    You haven’t given a business update in a while. How is that going?

    1. Well, it’s busier than fucking hell. There is so much business that I’ve started cloning myself. I’ve got a few yungens that I’m whipping up into good shape to talk to clients and do basic project management stuff.

      We might even not need any more venture capitol soon!

        1. Well….I just inherited a little money. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to get me out of debt and catch up to where I should be financially.

          One of our goals when moving here was to get out of debt so that a move to Texas would not be saddled with that. We’ll thanks to my Zadie, I’ve gotten to that goal ahead of time. I was imagining that would take a year or two.

          I’d love this company to make some cash and start sharing it… ya know. If it doesn’t by next spring. I’m outa here. I can’t hack all this work for no payoff.

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