grateful dead

I got a taste of the Dead tonight. There was a movie about the dead from the 70’s on PBS for their pledge drive.

Anyway, upgraded winamp, installed the shn plugin so that I can download some groovy lossless files 🙂

I’ll be rockin tomorrow.

I tried getting LimeWire to work, but none of the files I picked seemed to work via the p2p method.

Oh well.

I’ll just do it the ol fashion way.

One thought on “grateful dead

  1. There was a recent “on the road with the dead” movie in theaters in the last few years, I think… did you see that? I’d meant to.

    Or am I thinking Janis Joplin?


    I heard that Jimi Hendrix was originally Jimmy James, playing guitar for Tina Turner.

    Strange, strange world.

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