Hmmmmm……Drupal…..pretty nifty…..

I’ve tried a few of the packaged CMS that are out there. It’s been a year or two. Drupal has come a loooooooonnnnnnnnggggggg way.

I’m poking around with that package again.

Me like it so far. Quick and easy 🙂

I say this as I am fundamentally lazy when it comes to development 😉 I excel at modding what others have done. I am the master tinkerer/builder/user. Maybe I should work on cars and rebuild engines for a hobby. Nah, that’s so 1980’s…like really old man.

I have a friend who is so damn bleeding edge that he considers 2003 to be OLD school.

Course, he’s stagnated a few years and has not even touched AJAX. Gotta fix that situation.

ok…in case you’ve not noticed, I’m rambling here. Found me a nice merlot…heh…Sterling Vinyards (not reserve or otherwise…just plain old merlot).

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