A post from the Unique Lemming

I got Ubuntu’s Gutsy release installed.  Nice.  I finally get compiz-fusion.  And most of it works!
I like the new minimize effect where the window folds up like a paper plane and flys off 🙂
Also got Avant Window Manager installed.  Nice little Mac OS X bottom app display thingy 🙂
Oh, and the cube.  I’ve made the cude transparents so that I can view a background image.  But the sides and the back of the cube are showing the back of the windows that I have up…so the words are backwards.  Pretty nifty stuff.
And I think I’m liking this drupal thing.  I’ve chosen the Zen-fixed theme.  Copied and renamed it to benzot-fixed.  Now I have complete css control over the site and don’t have to mess with PHP and templates, etc…
Also, I’m testing the cross post functionality again.

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