3 thoughts on “boo hoo

  1. Seriously.

    Two days and counting. No word on why.


    Meanwhile, I’m maybe near the end of hell with new.alethe.net, hosted at 1and1.com–trying to get postfix+sasl+cyrus+mysql all happy together.


    1. mrgle

      I like mrgle. It’s a good word. Very descriptive and yet flexible.

      So is alethe sitting in a colo? or are you renting a box…or part of one?

      1. Re: mrgle

        renting a box. a full one.

        it’s really a nice service, all told.


        and if the bug bites you, let me know–there’s a referral bonus 😉

        500Gb monthly transfer, moderate specs, $90/mo. That’s full control–reimage to one of three OS’s (one with an option for a “nice” (ptui!) web administrative interface). Remote reboot/reimage, backup server ftp with no transfer cost to/from.

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