I have discovered bread making.  *whee*

I’ve made french bread, rustic boule (in loaf form), and hallah all this week.  I’m hooked.  Hell, why pay for it, when you can make for a few cents.  Damn, its just flour and water, plus a few other things.

Tonight I made my second hallah.  I kneaded it just right, and let rise just enough.  Ohhhhh, it is goodness.  Airy, sweet.  ahhhhhh.

I like this bread making thing.

I think, when I move to Austin…eventually…I will have a party.  I will invite my friends from across the country…one or two may show up if I invite enough…my family, and the neighbors.  I will brew a few cases of very tastey beer, bake some very tastey bread, and maybe cook  some indian food (we shall see what my fancy is at that point).

It will be a heady party, a yeasty one, but it will be in my “own” home, not a rental, and I will be surrounded by friends and family.  The richest one could be.


One thought on “bread

  1. I met Kevin over a loaf of bread he baked, give or take, in a neighborly gesture. Or at least, that’s my memory of it. Things were all a little hazy.

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