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I’m on a baking kick this weekend.

A few months ago I got myself a copy of the “Bread Baker’s Apprentice” by Reinhart. I’ve been mulling through it since then. Last week I started to really read a slew of recipes and got the bug.

I’ve planned and created various pre-ferments for this weekend. On the menu is whole wheat sandwich loaf, bagels, and french bread.

I made the whole wheat loaf yesterday. The recipe says that it is for 2 1lb. loafs. I’ve had several recipes in the past that were like this, but I always end up with 2 little bricks. They just don’t rise very well for me 🙁 So anyway, this time I decided to do just one loaf. It’s nice and BIG 🙂 Perfect for sandwich size slices. Yaay! I topped this one with oats and sesame.

Today I made myself the happiest east coast jew (extremely secular non-practicing 😉 ) in the world. I made the quintessential NY bagel. “Oh man”. “Jeezus”. “Holy shit”. These are just a few of the less colorful quotes that came out of my mouth around a mouthful of hot bagel and cream cheese. I usually don’t impress myself, but MAN! This time I out did myself. Uh, they were really good. I have not had a bagel like that in MANY years. *sigh*. That is a sigh of contentment, of fulfillment. My life is now complete. I have the key to the perfect soul food. No matter where I am…I can go back in time…I can completely let go and relax…I can eat a real bagel. *SIGH*

Tomorrow, french bread. I don’t have any standards to hold that up to, so I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever I come up with.

Earlier this summer, I tried to get a sourdough starter going. I tried several times only to have it completely fail. I think the climate in Arizona in the summer is just not compatible with that kind of baking. I reeeaaaaalllly want to make a sourdough starter so that I can make sourdough bread. I’ll try again this fall when the outside temperature is more temperate and the internal environmental controls (AC/Heat) are not so prevalent. I do have very high standards when it comes to sourdough. I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for 16 years. This is a mecca for sourdough. Simply think Acme Bread Company. That is my standard. If I can meet them half way, I’d be more than happy.

Ahh, bread. Baking is a wonderful hobby. Makes you and everyone happy. Can’t beat that.

I have Kevin Dorne to thank for turning me on to baking. Thanks Kevin 🙂

2 thoughts on “baking :)

    1. Boil for 2 minutes per side, then bake for 10 minutes. That is the short story. The Bread Baker’s Apprentice would truly be the best baking book you could buy. Kevin recommended it. It’s the real deal and explains the art of bread quite succinctly.

      Instead of 2 1lb bricks I made 1 2lb loaf 🙂 It was ok.

      Then I made french bread. They were tasty, kinda dense.

      Next…whole wheat, regular flour, molasses, and flax seed in a boule shape. Oh and a bit extra salt with sunflower seeds. And I’m hooked on the bagel thing. mmmmmmm…..

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