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So I’m dual booting my nice new laptop.  One side has windows home media edition (a silly version of xp 1/2 way to vista).  The other wants to be ubuntu.  I tried latest and greatest (feisty 7.0.4 herd 5) and got my ass handed to me 🙂  My components are a bit too new for this beta version…so I couldn’t even boot to windows let alone finish the install…nice, eh?  Now I’m having a go at 6.10 (stable).  We’ll see if that works for me.

One of the reasons I want to dual boot is to test out wine or other windows simulators, but more importantly, to layer compiz on top 🙂  I’m pretty certain that I’ll have to wait for feisty to become stable and for Asus/radeon to catch up with it’s video drivers.  Currently neither xorg and radeon support compiz needs.

Hopefully all this reinstalling has not trashed my windows partitions…heh…ergo what little data I have 🙂