9 thoughts on “New Laptop

    1. hmmm…I don’t even know how to play warcraft 3. Heh…nor do I really have the time.

      I’ve just discovered itunes and may have to download a few shows just to see how cool my new video capabilities are.

      Jeez, it looks so nice that I feel like I’m using a mac.


      1. Yeah, I’m with you on the time thing. Beat Warcraft 3 several years ago in a weekend, and I wasn’t very good then. I’m sure I’m worse, now. And I’ve got the second half of Doom 3 still to beat, still to play. Time. *(#$&(#*

        And ROFL re: mac. 🙂 That’s classic. Thankfully not a classic mac 😉

        1. This thing is cable ready, has a tv tuner, can record shows and is has high definition display.

          It doesn’t have a webcam or biometrics.

          It is incredibly fast, much faster than “my wifes” computer…heh, it is totally her computer now 😉

          Oh, and the box has a built in subwoofer. oi.

          1. It is incredibly fast, much faster than “my wifes” computer…heh, it is totally her computer now 😉

            ha! =)

            Oh, and the box has a built in subwoofer. oi.


            It doesn’t have a webcam or biometrics.

            Former, I’m a bit surprised. Latter… ah, next year’s model. 😉 Crazy that things are going there.

            Rent it out as a render farm? 😉 😉

            Oy. Oi. Eh. :heh:

            Me, I just can’t work very well with less than three monitors at this point, and I really want a fourth, and it’s a shame that the second two aren’t the same resolution as my primary.

            … 40, man.

            Here’s a pre-emptive happy birthday. How’s it feel? I’m looking at 30 with trepidation and frustration.

          2. hmmm…

            Well, turning 40. hrmph.

            I feel like I should be going crazy or rethinking my life or something.

            I just feel normal and a little afraid that time is getting away from me. It might be helping that my kids are really young (1.5 and 7) and not all grown up and in high school or college. Being around young kids helps keep you young I suppose.

            Now, it is true that I’m now hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt with the new house and a new $2800 computer. So maybe that is my mid-life crisis thing.


            Who knows.

            30 was nice for me but I was unsettled. I think you are in a much better place than I was.

            But thanks for the happy birthday 🙂

          3. I think the aging thing is a lot of “time getting away”. Staying young is good. I feel like I’m really aging, and I don’t like it. The last ten years… hmm. The last five years, really. Part of me wants some magic pixie dust. Part of me wants retirement. 🙂 Part of me wants a stable 9-5, wants to do nothing more than be, and be happy. Certain parts of my life would be much happier if I just dropped the magazine, dropped side-projects altogether, and just worked when I had to. I _can_ imagine it, and it frightens me. I think that’s my eternal crisis.

            Settled isn’t necessarily all it might seem cracked up to be; so uncertain of major “future” things. Hmm.

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