So I’m dual booting my nice new laptop.  One side has windows home media edition (a silly version of xp 1/2 way to vista).  The other wants to be ubuntu.  I tried latest and greatest (feisty 7.0.4 herd 5) and got my ass handed to me 🙂  My components are a bit too new for this beta version…so I couldn’t even boot to windows let alone finish the install…nice, eh?  Now I’m having a go at 6.10 (stable).  We’ll see if that works for me.

One of the reasons I want to dual boot is to test out wine or other windows simulators, but more importantly, to layer compiz on top 🙂  I’m pretty certain that I’ll have to wait for feisty to become stable and for Asus/radeon to catch up with it’s video drivers.  Currently neither xorg and radeon support compiz needs.

Hopefully all this reinstalling has not trashed my windows partitions…heh…ergo what little data I have 🙂

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    1. Compiz is a groovy 3d workspace that puts Vista to shame 😉


      So, I’ve tried updating my ATI drivers…heh…oi…uh…pretty much locked up the box…so I rolled back to default install of 6.10 “Edgy”.

      Maybe later tonight I’ll have another go at this…or I’ll just wait 6 months till version 7 “feisty” is outa alpha/beta mode and a bit more stable and up to date. I can see by the forums that I”m not the only one with this issue.

      1. Cool stuff. 🙂 and We then learned that there was a big difference between a functional site and a functional project and community. is all too true.

  1. wow…

    I think I’m definately stuck with a windows box for a bit.

    ATI/AMD does not have drivers for the video card I have, ati radeon Mobility x1700. How the heck can they sell a card without drivers? Hmmm…maybe they just don’t have an updated driver yet. If you go to their site, the driver simply is not there.


    Likely, I’ll just have to wait for some fellow geeky ASUS owner who wants to contribute to xorg and update their openGL drivers 😉

    Gotta love opensource 🙂

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