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    1. Heh.

      No php or jsp. I’m learning that if it ain’t big nor needs any db connectivity, ain’t no point.

      Just html and css. It’s all css style driven though. Never gonna give that up 😉

      1. Okay, I completely apologize on the “no css!?” comment — my ctrl-shift-s was broken, or something. Or the chunk of nervous system that knew how to hit them properly, … or something.

        Though if nothing else, don’t you want to use php/shtml/something to not have to type the menu over and over, and the header, the footer, include the doctype, meta tags, etc…?

        And yeh, what’s up with the inlined css!? 😉 😛 🙂

        1. well, the menu is a dhtml menu I bought from Milonic.com. That only requires a few lines of javascript at the top of each page. The meta keyword and description meta tags change every page, the base style sheet is the same, but the secondary ‘overwriter’ changes depending upon what I’m trying to do with layout (though mostly they are consistent now anyway, feh).

          Basically, I have a template that I mod and fill in content.

          This’ll be a very static site. I might change it once a year at this point…and I’m too tired and feeling lazy to delve into php…just to have a global header file or sometin.

          I kinda got used to tapestry, where the entire page is a template and that chopping apart block elements into includes is not good practice. I wish I had the page template here, but eh, for less than 10 pages it’s just easier to whip it all up.

          And the inlined stuff was the quick and easy way to do the development on the positioning of the quotes on the home page. Once it was done I figured I’d just leave em there. No reason to go and make a class or ID for something so damned specific.

          1. One of these days I need to see this tapestry thing in action, guts-wise. I have a feeling it’s like struts’ templates, but “cleaner”. Yeah, I could look at sample code, but that doesn’t say as much as production code. 🙂

            static… yeah, I can understand the desire. Still, I’d rather type less, but no matter how simple there’s always debugging (almost). Silly stuff.

            I’m not quite conscious.

  1. Completely unrelated to the other dialogue… but on the subject of ogues: read Kim’s bio just now, nicely done.

    Would she have any interest submitting some of the “faked” short monologues/dialogues to GUD? Maybe just the slightest bit of weaving added to them? 🙂 We want little scripts!

    Did I mention we pay? 😉

    1. Possibly, but online applications tend to stimey her. We’ll see 🙂

      When you say you want little scripts, do you mean like this but longer?

      Ship’s log. May twenty-fifth. Thirteen hundred hours. I have only just swallowed the final kiss of water. My stores: depleted. The last cracker was consumed at oh-six hours yesterday . The desalinator is completely unworkable. A spot wore through near the collection cup causing all the fresh water to become befouled. We’ve seen no rain for more than 14 days. Our chances for surviving have dropped dramatically, in my estimation from a tentative 15 % to a disheartening 2 %. Is this the final leg of our voyage, or is salvation just around the corner. If my dead reckoning had been correct, we would be within a one day’s drift of Land. But, at this writing, (scratches out) as I pen this (scratches out) at present I see no land. For 77 days now I’ve made this rubber raft, christened Second Time Around, my home. She’s been everything to me. We’ve seen aggressive sharks and amorous sea turtles and scores of boisterous Mahi-Mahi. Yet, Second Time has always turned her sturdy rubber flank against their onslaught. Her life expectancy: a mere 40 days. And yet my girl has endured for 77! 77! I have no doubt she could prevail indefinitely. It is I who have reached the limit of my life’s expectancy. Will Second Time prove to be my coffin as well?

      From off stage an almost imperceptible shouting is heard.


      LIFERAFT WILLIE cocks his head for a moment and looks around. Seeing nothing he resumes writing.

      OH! The Hubris! After my first ill fated voyage aboard the Sweet Marie, when I was adrift in the Atlantic for 63 days, I swore I’d never sail again. “God,” I bargained, “If you permit me to see the green of an ordinary tree, smell the scent of pancakes plumping on the griddle, hear the song of man mowing his lawn on an ordinary Saturday morning, I will never trifle with the sea again!” And God delivered me! But before my sea legs had even adjusted to the land, I was already longing for my salty mistress. I am a seafaring man. Nay! A Sea-dog! They tried to talk me out of it! “Don’t be a fool! You’ve cheated death once!” But, I knew I must sail again….

      1. Here is a bit more….

        The distant voice can again be heard from off stage.


        LIFERAFT WILLIE looks around again. Seeing nothing he resumes.

        It is simply impossible in this log to record the depth of despair that I have….

        Hey Dude! Dude, over here!

        Irritated by the interruption, LIFERAFT WILLIE sets down his pen and makes a show of looking around. Seeing nothing he returns to his log. He settles himself and begins to write.



        STEVE becomes visible from behind a swell. He is drifting in a rubber raft waving his arms frantically. LIFERAFT WILLIE turns and sees him.

        Oh, my STARS!

        Dude! No way!

        Ahoy! Lad! Ahoy!

        Dude! Am I ever glad to see you.

      2. yes, like this but longer. Hopefully an arc, but I also like the idea of just a number of snippets as a single thing. Don’t know what my fellow editors think, beyond “Yes, like this but longer”. Well, or this long if it had just a few more hints in it re: “Dude!”

          1. Awesome!

            We take up to 15k words, and as few as 1, for something written. Though I think the shortest we’re going with in issue 1 is… a damned good question, actually. 78 words or so. 🙂

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