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upgrade pc

My video card at work fried while trying to insert more RAM. Shit. So now I’m down to the horseshit card that I had kicking around. I bought a brand spanking new video card with 256mb ram only to find that PCIE is a new card type…dammit all…that doesn’t have a slot to go into on my trusty ol ASUS A7somthin… mobo.


Boss comes in today and sees me on floor, and asks what I’m doin. I reply, “well, I’m just a dumbass. Bought a video card that doesn’t even fit on my mobo. He says, not to return it, but upgrade mobo.”


I delved a little deeper into the latest and greatest these days.

Shit has changed dammit. Can’t they just stop for a while. You know, not progress, keep things nice and stale? Noooooo!


Ok, new mobo, new cpu, and new power supply to go with my new video card. At least $600 there…cause who would settle for second rate stuff since I’m upgrading and all that?

I’m told that I may not need to reinstall windows. I might get away with just swapping out new parts. Heh, we’ll see about that.

Now I’m looking at at least $600, and about 2 days worth of rebuild/reinstall, etc…


Progress sucks, ya know?