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new xbox bee killer game

Well, not xbox, but real life.


Ok, just spent an hour killing bumble bees. Fuckers are nested under the shed out back. Like a dumb ass, I hired an organic exterminator to make them go away. Three fucking useless weeks later, no fucking god damn piece of shit change. So today, I go out armed with two spray bottles filled with soapy water and a weed wacker. I start going at the grass around one of the spots that they come in and out of. They immediately start coming out. Sos I go into first person shooter mode. Two fisted shots as they come out, get em nice and wet so they have a hard time flying, run in and stomp. Repeat for an hour. Killed several dozen bees this way. Get adrenaline going in super mode. KILL, KILL, KILL!

After an hour of this, I call and leave a message on the exterminator’s phone about the uselessness of their service, and demand that they refund my money.

I’m just now calming down.