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here it comes!

The baby is definately coming! Kim’s body is starting the process. Lots of general pain and discomfort with sporadic contractions. Thats probably the baby dropping and her hips opening up and her cervix dialating.

Could be any day now at this point.

I’d better get my ass in gear at the office. Oi. I’ll be dropping off the face of the planet for about a week or so.

Hoo boy, here it comes 🙂

hoa boy, here comes baby

Well, the baby is coming in a week or two. Holy shit. I’m 38 and having a kid, a boy no less. What the hell were we thinking? I don’t know. I’ve seen older friends have twin boys and survive. Heh.

Having a new baby in a new town is hard. Really hard. We’ve no other families or relatives here to rely on for babysitting or anything. That really makes things hard.

Speaking of the baby, how about a name like Baby Bubba ben Ben?