I feel dirty today

Today, I’m setting up a client for web hosting.  I have two favorite hosting companies for the clients that are mindful of their costs.  One is Site5.com, and the other is Media Temple.  Both are great companies with excellent service and servers.

Unfortunately, putting an SSL certificate into the fray manages to make them both, well, less palatable.

Site5 does not sell SSL certs, which requires that you purchase the cert from a third party and have it installed on Site5.  Yes, of course that’s doable, but rather a complicated affair.  When thinking in terms of the longevity of the account, the likelihood that the client will have to deal with renewals in the future, and all that, it’s just setting the client up for hard times in the future.

Mediatemple offers SSL certs, but for $120/year.  Uhm, wow, well, jeez, that’s almost twice as much as the industries leading hosting rapist, Godaddy.  So that just stinks.

So I’m pondering what to do at this point.  Bluehost….meh. 1and1….meh.  Some smaller outfit with great prices….meh.   ……………….  OMG…Godaddy?  Gulp.

I feel like a lemming right now. *sigh*

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