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From the Unique Lemming…

I think I have the answer to my online photo gallery. I’ll stick with the Gallery2 package.  They’ve made great headway in the last year since I upgraded and things seem to be working quite well.
I’ve noticed that Drupal has a module for Gallery integration, so I’ll see if I can’t embedd my existing gallery instance into this app.  Hmmm….otherwise, I’ll just cross link to it for images.
I’m uploading a slew of photos of the kids (Colette’s bday and thanksgiving) and will notify the masses soon.
Moving on….
I went and got some nice (and cheap) boots for Colette today.  She is taking horse back riding lessons now and needs boots.  We have her in a program called Hunkapi.  It’s run by ASU, and teaches the kids how to ride bareback first.  It’s a great program and I’m really excited that Colette is interested in it.  I mean, come on…if we are going to be in AZ, we might as well get as much use out of what the state has to offer, eh?
I’ll post links to images soon.

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