Good Wine

Here is my current list of red wines that I like:


  • Ramsay – Pinot Noir
  • Louis Jadot – Beaujolais
  • Domaine Saint-Damien – Corbieres 2003 (French mix carignan, grenache, and syrah)
  • Bogle – Merlot
  • The Francis Ford Coppolas are all pretty good
  • Markham – Zinfandel 2000 was kinda nice
  • I had a Chec red called Egri Bikvar. Bought a bunch in 2000 and got bored of it. It has aged well!


  • Fife – Zinfandel is pretty good
  • Rodney Strong – Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon – 2003 Very good
  • St. Supery – Napa Valley Merlot

2 thoughts on “Good Wine

  1. Want to try my favs?

    Seven deadly zins (year hasnt mattered yet)
    Menage a trois (blend of 3 reds)
    Cline Ancient vine Monteverde (I believe) will have to check hat
    cheap and tasty
    -Delicato Merlot

    There are others, but these stick out in my mind as immediate loves.

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