first tooth

Colette lost her firt tooth today.

Pretty cool stuff. It has been loose for a few weeks now. Tonight it finally popped. She was very excited at first, but then it started bleeding a bit. She’s never seen that much blood, nor tasted it before. It wasn’t that much blood though, just enough to drip a bit.

Then she had a big dilema. Should she keep it or give it to the tooth fairy. She decided to give it to the tooth fairy and ask if the fairy would leave it with some money.

hehehe. cute.

BTW, Jason Alexander wrote a childrens book about the tooth fairy. Bastard spoiled the end by revealing that it was the parents doing it! We were reading it to Colette at the book store and it was too late to stop. We had to tell her it was just a story and that the tooth fairy was real…if she wanted it to be…which she did.

Damn it, what was Alexander thinking? No joy in that story. No real payoff. Just a spoiler for a puzzle that kids don’t even ponder. Shit head IMO.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of ranting to do these days 🙂

I got some video and pictures of the toothy event 🙂

One thought on “first tooth

  1. Congratz to you and yours.

    Holy crap re: that book. Things I just wouldn’t consider.

    “the tooth fairy was real…if she wanted it to be…which she did.”

    nice save. 🙂

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